Fixing Amazon Prime Video Error 7031

The most common error that annoys most of the audience is Amazon Prime Video Error 7031. So here we are with the fix of Amazon Prime Video Error 7031 for you. If you love watching movies and web series then it’s a high probability you own a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Why? Because it’s the only premium quality service that you can avail of at a highly affordable price. But there is one problem with Amazon Prime’s service: it encounters errors multiple times.

What Is Amazon Prime Video Error 7031?

Amazon Prime Error Code 7031 is a very common type of problem which users face while streaming Amazon Prime content. As we know, this error code displays on your screen when there is a server outage from Amazon’s side or the connection is unstable or slow. 

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List of all the possible causes of displaying Amazon Prime Error Code 7031:

  • Your internet connection is slow or unstable. 
  • You’re using a VPN or proxy server to access amazon prime in a geo-restricted area. 
  • Your Amazon streaming application is outdated. 
  • PC Laptop or any other device that you are using is glitching. 
  • The browser which you are using to stream the content has excess cache size and data. 
  • Another reason would be that you are using the same Amazon Prime account on multiple devices. 
  • Other background processes are interrupting and causing your internet to become slow. 
  • Your web browser is outdated and should be updated. 

How To Resolve Error Code 7031?

Check For Server Outage From Amazon’s Side

If you are facing this most annoying and common type of streaming Amazon Prime Video Error 7031 services then you should check for any server outage from Amazon’s side. Before executing any troubleshooting options you should check for a server outage because it’s the most intelligent thing you can do before making changes to configuration or hardware. 

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Utilizing.CA Domain

Try streaming Amazon Prime via instead of using Some people from the US were able to rectify the Amazon Prime Video Error 7031 by switching to a different domain. The .com domain was streaming the error code but they switched to .ca and it eradicated the problem easily. 

Turn off The ‘Do Not Track Option In Chrome 

If you’re streaming with your Chrome browser and its ‘Do Not Track option is turned on then Amazon will not be able to collect the user data which also includes history. This Google Chrome’s privacy feature clashes with Amazon Prime’s policy, thus as the result, you are getting an Amazon Prime Video Error 7031 on your screen. 

Turn On Two-Step Verification If Using PlayOn

You are streaming Amazon Prime Video through PlayOn, a third-party streaming service provider, then you will have to activate a two-step verification process to log in. Otherwise, it will display the Amazon Prime Video Error 7031 on your screen again and again. This is because Amazon insists on activating the second layer of protection for your account to secure it. 

Amazon Hates Chromium-Based Services 

If you are streaming Amazon Prime via chromium-based services like Vivaldi then it’s likely to show you an Amazon Prime Video Error 7031 after which you will be unable to stream the content. Chromium-based services trigger many error messages to the audience. And whenever this happens you can always switch to different methods like using an app or browser to stream prime. 

Turn On VPN Or Switch To Proxy Servers 

If you are trying to stream Amazon Prime Video while living in a geo-restricted area or to stream geo-restricted content, you should always activate VPNs or switch to proxy servers. Try getting a valid and safe VPN service to stream the content. Because there are many phony VPN apps on the internet that just stole user data. 

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