Fix Amazon Prime HTTP Proxy Error [2024]

If you are getting an ‘Amazon Prime HTTP Proxy Error’ on your device then let me introduce you to your new problem, of which we will tell you the solution, but the first introduction. It’s an error people get while watching Amazon Prime with VPN running in the background. Doesn’t matter if you are using the Amazon Prime app or web version to stream the content, if you are using VPN then you’re very likely to get this error on the screen and the Amazon server will redirect you to Also, don’t think if you live in the United States then you won’t get this error. Moreover, Amazon can detect if you are using a VPN.

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What is an HTTP Proxy error in Amazon Prime Video?

HTTP Proxy error in Amazon Prime Video is a type of proxy error that blocks your device from streaming Amazon Prime Video content. 

“Your device is connected to the internet using a VPN or proxy service. Please disable it and try again. for more help, go to” this is the error message you will probably get and refused to connect is another one you can get.

The number of Reasons or Causes why you are not able to watch Prime via VPN?

  1. Your device’s firewall or antivirus is probably in play and preventing you from watching Prime using a VPN. 
  2. Slow internet can be another problem. 
  3. Specific VPNs are already blocked by Amazon Prime and if you try with a VPN IP that is already blocked then you can’t have a shot. 
  4. Amazon Prime services are limited to certain regions and if you are not from any one of them and using a VPN to access then you are getting blocked for sure. 

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Here Are a Few Solutions to Fix Your HTTP Amazon Prime HTTP Proxy ErrorVideo:

Check For Amazon Server Outage

Before getting to false conclusions and trying different solutions, you must check for server outages from Amazon’s side. So, to ensure that the problem is not from your end you can check the Amazon Prime server response via

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Rebooting Your Device 

Rebooting your device is another solution that comes after checking for a server outage. By rebooting your device, you are giving yourself a chance to your system to reconnect to the network, reload the system settings, refresh required plugins, and more. So, whether you’re using a PC, android phone, iOS device or Linux device just try to restart it first. 

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Disconnect And Activate Your VPN

When activating your VPN service, it masks your IP by connecting to a specific server from any country out of its multiple sources. So, it’s true that not all servers are compatible with streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and more. 

Clear Browsing Data

Stale and corrupted browsing data can also be one of the reasons that can cause an ‘HTTP Amazon Prime HTTP Proxy Error in the video’. So, it’s suggested that all users clear all their browsing data by navigating to Settings-> Privacy & Security-> Clear Browsing Data. 

Wiping Out the App Data 

If an HTTP proxy server error is showing on your Android or iOS device while you are streaming amazon prime video via application, then you clear the cache files and app data. For this you can visit Settings-> Apps-> Amazon Prime-> App Info-> tap on Clear Cache-> tap on Clear Data. 

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Turn Off VPN or Switch to Which Can Work Well 

If all the above options are not working, then you will have to deactivate your VPN services and find the best option out there that will be compatible to stream Amazon Prime HTTP Proxy Error Video. 

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Reach Out To Customer Service

Now you have depleted all your options and none of the solutions are working for you. So, it’s better to take your problem to the professionals, that means to Amazon Prime’s customer service executives. They are highly trained professionals solving N number of problems daily. 

What special features of a VPN will help play prime video without error?

You will need a VPN that have all these features mentioned below to stream Prime Video without any error:

  • A VPN that has fast connection speed and speedy servers that are compatible with Amazon Prime Video. 
  • Which have servers across the world. 
  • Do have safety measures like kill switch and AES encryption. 
  • That is built with privacy in mind. Thus, do not record any logs. 
  • Which is functional for both desktop and mobile along with easy-to-use UI.

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Why am I being redirected to

If you are streaming Amazon Prime Video while using a VPN service either on big screen or mobile, it doesn’t matter via web or app, then Amazon can detect it and you will directly be redirected to 

Can Amazon Prime detect VPNs?

Yes, Amazon Prime can detect VPNs. In fact, it has some of the best VPN servers blocked already and if a person tries to access the content using that it blocks it immediately. So, you cannot use VPNs that are not compatible with Amazon Prime Video. 

Can I use a free VPN to Solve This Error?

Free VPNs may or may not be able to help you. Amazon Prime can detect even paid VPNs. so it’s beneficial to use a VPN that is compatible with Amazon, and not one that is either free or paid. Just find the compatibility and authenticity.
Samsung tablets and phones show this error without the VPN being turned on, what do I do?
Even if you are not using VPN apps, the in-built proxy settings can be in play. And that’s why Amazon Prime is showing an HTTP proxy server error on your screen.
To disable the proxy on your device follow these steps:
●     Go to Settings.
●     Tap on Network & Internet-> Wi-Fi.
●     Touch and hold the Wi-Fi name.
●     Tap on Modify network.
●     Next to “Advanced options,” tap the Down Arrow.
●     Under “Proxy,” tap the Down arrow.
●     Tap  None.
●     And then Save.

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