3 Secret iMessage Features You’ll Love” 2023

Apple  iMessage application has grown to become an integral component in Apple’s iOS ecosystem, giving users an easy and comprehensive messaging experience. While the majority of users utilize iMessage for text messaging however, there are a few innovative methods as well as hidden functions that could make your texting experience more enjoyable. This article we’ll look at three of these techniques that will assist you in getting the most benefit from Apple’s iMessage application.

1. Invisible Ink Messages

One of the coolest features in iMessage is the ability to send “Invisible Ink” messages. These messages are initially hidden and only revealed when the recipient swipes over the message bubble. To send an Invisible Ink message:

Step 1: Compose your message

Open iMessage and compose your message as usual.

Step 2: Apply the effect

Long-press the send button (the blue arrow) to open the effects menu. Select “Invisible Ink.”

Step 3: Send the message

Press the send button, and your message will be sent with the Invisible Ink effect.

This adds an element of surprise to your messages and is perfect for sharing secrets or sending birthday wishes.

2. Digital Touch

Digital Touch is a fun and interactive way to communicate with your friends through iMessage. It allows you to send animated drawings, heartbeats, and even fireballs. To use Digital Touch:

Step 1: Open a conversation

Open the iMessage conversation with the person you want to send a Digital Touch message to.

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Step 2: Access Digital Touch

Tap the heart icon located to the left of the text input field.

Step 3: Choose your Digital Touch

You can select from various options like sketches, heartbeats, or even taps to create your message.

Digital Touch adds a personal and creative touch to your messages, making them more engaging and memorable.

3. Message Effects

Message Effects allow you to add flair to your messages by animating them. There are two primary message effects you can use in iMessage:


To send a message with balloons:

  • Compose your message.
  • Long-press the send button and choose “Balloons” from the effects menu.
  • Send your message, and the recipient will see colorful balloons floating up on their screen.


To send a message with confetti:

  • Compose your message.
  • Long-press the send button and choose “Confetti” from the effects menu.
  • Send your message, and the recipient will enjoy a shower of virtual confetti.

Message Effects add a touch of celebration and joy to your messages, making them more exciting and engaging.


Apple’s iMessage app offers much more than meets the eye. By exploring these clever tricks and features, you can elevate your messaging experience and surprise your friends with creative messages. Whether it’s sending Invisible Ink messages, using Digital Touch, or adding Message Effects, iMessage provides a wealth of options to make your conversations more exciting.

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